Suffering from Chronic Fatigue?

If you’ve suffered from Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for any length of time, you know how expensive the medical bills can be. On average, most patients tell us that they’ve spent $20,000 to $30,000 (and sometimes much more) on doctor’s appointments, tests, drugs and treatment, and still didn’t get relief.

At the Haverford Wellness Center, we do everything we can to provide you relief, including making your treatment affordable by offering monthly payment plans. The best part is that you’ll see results even before you’ve finished paying for treatment. In fact, most patients who follow our protocol and physicians’ recommendations report up to 65% improvement in energy levels and pain/symptom relief by their fourth month of treatment.

Road to Wellness Program’s Affordable Monthly Payment Option

To make the financial payments easier to manage – and to encourage you to see treatment through to a successful completion – a unique payment plan has developed for Fibromyalgia treatment. Instead of paying out of pocket for each treatment protocol, nutraceutical, prescription, IV and doctor’s appointment, you make a single annual commitment to a monthly payment for our Road to Wellness plan. When you join the Road to Wellness program, the membership fee covers the services, therapies, supplements and discounts on compounded medications that your doctor deems necessary for your treatment.

The Road to Wellness program lets you focus on your recovery instead of worrying about whether or not you can afford the cost of each and every treatment your doctor recommends. And depending on your treatment needs as determined by your physician, your wellness package can include all of the following:

  • Appointments with your physician as necessary and as schedule permits for the duration of the package term
  • Therapies including IVs and injections as ordered by your physician in your treatment plan (some exclusions apply)
  • Supplements as recommended by your physician in your treatment plan
  • Priority scheduling of office visits and IV therapy

All of the treatments that your we recommend are part of your price, with the exception of lab fees and prescription medications, which may be reimbursed through your insurance plan. It’s truly that easy. This program was designed to help you, and your team focus exclusively on improving your health. As you make the important decision to regain control of your life, we’ll help you control the costs of your treatment.
Will insurance cover any of the treatment cost?

We believe that insurance companies shouldn’t dictate your treatment. That’s why we don’t participate in any insurance plans. You are responsible for payment. Then we can worry about helping you feel well instead of focusing on the needs of your insurance company.

However, insurance may cover some of your costs. You can file with your insurance company for reimbursement of some of your costs. Some patients with PPOs or private indemnity insurance do receive partial reimbursement from their insurance company based on out-of network benefits.
This is just a brief overview, for more information, and to answer questions about your specific situation please call our office at 215-256-0050. We look forward to hearing from you.