Our Approach – Scientifically & Medically Driven


We feel it’s important that you understand our basic patient approach. Lyme disease alternative treatment at the Haverford Wellness Center utilizes an integrative approach combining proven traditional therapy (antibiotics) to

cure the infection along with integrative therapies that can help in accelerating the


patient’s recovery from the toxic effects of Lyme disease. Of course we can’t go through all the details, exceptions, and variables of our treatment on this website. However, since many of our patients have been through other treatments, we’d like you to understand how ours is different.

Everyone is unique
Lyme disease is a highly individual ailment. Not only are symptoms experienced individually (and differently) by each Lyme patient, treatment (including antibiotic therapy) works differently for each individual. We do not know why this is so.

1. We believe in accurate, scientific testing for lyme disease and diagnosis.
The state of confusion continues due to the unreliability of the generally used confirmatory tests for Lyme disease: Elisa and Western Blot. These tests entered clinical usage in the early to late 1980’s and when they are positive can confirm exposure to the Lyme disease bacteria. However studies published in the peer-reviewed medical literature have shown that 40% to as high as 80% of patients who truly have contracted Lyme disease will have false negative results. There can also be a significant false positive rate with these tests.

glovesandsyringeIn the mid 90’s to early 2000 newer, more powerful tests including C6 peptide and PCR were developed for the diagnosis of Lyme disease which are now mainstream tests, and approved for clinical usage by the FDA and the CDC. PCR technology, when used properly, can conclusively confirm the presence of Lyme infection pre-treatment and the absence of Lyme infection post-treatment. When treated successully (cured of infection) patients have returned to their former state of health.

2. Our expertise is in understanding the tests, accurately prescribing them, and the tests processed by qualified labs.
Then we’ll interpret the results. If more tests are needed, we’ll recommend them. The bottom line is we will not diagnose nor treat you for Lyme disease, until we scientifically prove you have the bacteria.

3. Most often we use antibiotics in a variety of therapeutic doses.
In most cases we will be recommending antibiotics. However, the dosage, timing and methodology (oral or intravenous) can make the difference between successful treatment and missing the mark. That’s why again, the diagnosis is critical. If intravenous treatment is needed you can come into our offices, or we can train you to do it at home, depending on your situation. Even if you’ve tried antibiotics unsuccessfully, we believe we can help.

4. We will treat the whole person with compassion
Lyme disease has complications. Depression, stress, and much joint pain are all part of the disease. Sometimes there are other infections that have become present. Whatever it takes we will work with you until you are better.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L2005. Our experience shows that 86% of our Lyme patients are cured within the treatment cycle.
That is based on hundreds of cases. We define cure not as symptom free but Lyme free. It may sound too good to be true, but the great majority of patients cured of infection are now symptom-free. And that’s what motivates us to continue treating Lyme disease as our specialty. By the way, if you are not part of the 86% we have many additional treatments that may take a little longer, but we believe we can help. If you’d like to know more about our methodology Contact Us and we’ll send you a more detailed description. You can also ask about it in your first visit.

6. We will work with you until we have scientific proof that Lyme disease is cured.
It’s not enough for us that your symptoms are relieved. We want proof that the bacteria are no longer present in your body. That also means we will monitor your health for months after your treatment to make sure that you are indeed cured. In our experience, there should be no relapse or chronic symptoms.

It’s important you know we are not replacing your primary care physician. We are medical physicians with a specialty in Lyme disease.

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