Your First Visit – A Lyme Consultation & Evaluation with a Lyme Literate Physician

This is a guide to getting the most out of your first visit with us.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200Call 215-256-0050 and set up an appt for your Lyme consultation and evaluation. This evaluation with our medical director at our office is extensive and can take up to 2 hours. It’s important that we not rush into Lyme disease remedy process.

We want to know about your medical history
We prefer to review your medical records BEFORE your first visit. It often can take us an hour or two, and we want to be thorough. We want to understand where you’ve been on your medical journey. Please have your medical records forwarded to our office, or if you prefer we can request them.

Click here to download your Patient Health Questionnaire Form.
This is a comprehensive, five-page “fillable PDF” form of your medical history. Once you download the PDF, you simply type the information in the area provided. When completed email back to us at: [email protected] or print it out and fax the form to 215-256-0059. If you are unable fill out the form on a computer, print it out and write the information in with a pen (as much information as you can.) If you have any questions please give us a call at 215-256-0050.

We do not want to assume anything
Accurate information is critical to our diagnosis. If some test results seem out of place, or other test should be done, we will confirm everything to our own satisfaction. It?s the only way we can provide a confident, accurate diagnosis.

We want to listen to you
We are Lyme disease specialists, we believe in treating the whole patient – the Lyme disease, other infections, aches and pains. Whatever we need to know to help, please feel free to share your concerns. Ask questions.

We will not rush into a diagnosis of Lyme
We probably will not make a diagnosis on your first visit. Using our 22 years of experience we will plot a course of action to establish an accurate diagnosis and possible homeopathic treatment for lyme disease.

The cost for a New Patient Lyme consultation and evaluation is $375 to $425. Follow up visits run from $275 to $325. See Costs and Insurance for more info.

To set up your first visit and evaluation appointment, or if you want to talk, call 215-256-0050. Go to Contact Us to send us an email and get directions.

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