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The Diagnosis for
Chronic Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease symptoms vs. the Lyme bacteria: there is a big difference. For most patients, diagnosis of Lyme disease remains clinically based.  More >>

Learn how we test
for Lyme Disease

Lyme is a very evasive bacteria and unlike other bacteria, getting an “accurate positive” test result is complicated. Furthermore, there are many roads that.  More >>

Learn our approach to
Lyme treatment

We’ve been very successful in our approach. 86% of our patients are cured with our course of treatment. If you have any questions call us: 215-256-0050. More >>

Read 5 myths about
Lyme disease treatment

There’s so much information about Lyme disease on the Internet. Download the top “5 myths” we hear every day. Download >>

Ready for a Lyme
Consultation & Evaluation?

It includes a complete review of your medical history, including your symptons, treatments and more >>

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