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Protecting yourself from ticks

Avoid areas with lots of ticks
Keeps ticks off your skin
Check your skin and clothes for ticks


More Lyme disease prevention tips

What is proper Lyme disease testing & treatment?

If you're confused, we understand why. Most medical professionals believe Lyme disease exists and can be treated. Yet, there's much confusion on how to determine the best Lyme disease diagnosis and Lyme disease treatment. We use a scientific approach to curing Lyme disease. First we need to feel without a doubt you have the disease. Not just "symptoms" but the Lyme organism. Then we make sure your Lyme disease treatment continues until the bacteria is gone.. Not just when you "feel" better, but when we can verify the Lyme disease is gone.

We've been very succesful in our approach.  86% of our patients are cured with our course of treatments. Whether they are long term "chronic" Lyme disease or not. This website provides information to understand our approach to the accurate testing and successful treatment for lyme disease. We’re here to help you. If you have any questions please give us a call at 215-256-0050.

Testing for Lyme

We are dedicated to testing for and accurate Lyme disease treatment. Of course, that seems medically logical. But Lyme is a very evasive bacteria and unlike other bacteria getting an "accurate positive" test is complicated, MORE>>

Treating Lyme Disease...

We feel it's important that you understand our basic patient approach. Treatment for Lyme disease at the Haverford Wellness Center utilizes an integrative approach using proven traditional therapy (antibiotics) to cure the infection along with integrative therapies that can help in accelerating the patient's recovery from the toxic effects of Lyme disease. MORE>>

Welcome to patients from

More information>>>
5 myths about Lyme disease

lyme disease testingThere's so much misinformation about Lyme disease on the Internet. Download the top 5 myths we hear every day.

Download "5 Myths About Lyme Disease"

Contact us about a Lyme Consultation & Evaluation Appointment

It includes a complete review of your medical history, including symptoms, treatments and MORE>>

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